As sure as the flock takes to its wings at the first signs of rain, so too does the tide caress the riverbank knowing everything is transient, and nothing is permanent.

Together we ride the contrasting forces of order and chaos as they seesaw upon their cosmic beam, energised by the seasonal choreography of migratory birds that fill the air with their chorus of synchronised flight. As symbols of fertility, regeneration and growth, their venerated forms have captivated the imaginations of ancient civilisations from Egypt to Mesopotamia, playing an integral role in the stories that have been passed down through the ages of antiquity.

It is in keeping with these traditions that Alémais has fashioned their ‘23 Fall collection, Birdie, where creativity soars and the shifting winds are the harbinger of new and lofty heights.

Inspirited by geometric elements and artistic interpretations of our natural world, we aspire to find a landing place where individuality is in the detail; with especial takes on classic wears. Following the institutional principles of the Alémais brand, a closely-partnered relationship between artist and designer is measured in equal parts through all stages of the creative journey. Our feet grounded firmly in the foundations of our artisanal roots, with outstretched wings we look skyward, our spirit feathery and free-flowing.